Work Ethic- Appearance

Appearance is how someone looks.  You should wear neat and clean clothing, have a good personal hygiene, and also have a polite behavior toward others.  Employers look for all of this during interviews.

We also form opinions about a person based on  individual’s appearance, smell, and cleanliness. Always look your best and try to keep yourself cleaned all the time.

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Work Ethics-Leadership

 A leader is someone who leads others. If you want to be a leader, you have to master specific skills. Some of the skills are effective communication, motivation, and planning. A good leader never gives up on their team.

 People want to be lead by those they respect and who have a clear sense of direction.  To improve my leadership skills, I’ll make myself be more motivated, and better my communication skills. Leaders should always be there for their team, and help them get through projects.

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Work Ethics-Self Esteem

Self esteem is your opinion of yourself. Most people have high self esteem, and others have low self esteem. People with low self esteem see themselves as a poor image. Your image is based on how you see yourself.

Self esteem is very important because it affects how you think, act and even how we relate to other people. You should always think of yourself as a good self image. Don’t let other people make you fell bad about yourself.

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Work Ethics–Character

Character is who a person is.  When applying for a job; employers look for character traits like dependability, trustworthiness, reliability, self-discipline, loyalty, and honesty.  When given a task you should stick with it until it’s completed.

To improve my character, i will always be loyal to others and honesty. People should always finish a task they start. Don’t start it and start to do something else.

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Work Ethic–Respect

 Respect deals with how you treat others and how others treat you.  Also respect deals with sexual harassment, Quid Pro Quo, sexist, and sex discrimination.  Try not to form prejudices among your co-workers or customers.

You should always respect others, no matter who they are. Listen to others when they are talking, and wait till they are done talking. Always respect your elders and people that are older than you. They are more wiser and have been here a lot longer.

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Work Ethics–Teamwork

Teamwork is important in jobs today. Most jobs require working with others. If you can’t work well with others, then finding a job will be hard. There are a lot of people who don’t like working with others.

I use to not like working with other people. I liked doing my work by self, not with someone else. To improve my teamwork, I’m going to work with other people. It’s kind of hard to work some people, there are some people you can’t work with.

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Work ethics-Communication

Communication is a good way to become successful in life. you should listen to what others have to say. us ethe correct words when speaking or writing and use appropriate verbal skills. communcation is important in school and at work, if you don’t talk to your boss or co-workers you may not get the correct information.

i’m the type of person that doesn’t like to talk to other people. to improve my communication, i’m going to talk to more people, and people i hardly know.

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