I’m 20 years old. I go to Bainbridge College in Blakely, Ga.  My major is Business Adm. Tech. I live in Jakin, Ga. with my mom, brother, and grandma.

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How is YouTube Changing Society?

  1. What is the likelihood you would know this video existed on YouTube? 
    I wouldn’t know if the video existed at all. Unless my friends to me about it.
  2. Should the motorist who filmed the accident be required to get your release before posting the video? Why or why not?
    Yes. I think the motorist should get my release. My friends wouldn’t like it if I put an embarrassing video on YouTube about them. If they were my real friends; they wouldn’t try to embarrass or hurt me.
  3. Does this scenario violate any guidelines provided by YouTube?
    Honesty, I don’t really know. I don’t know anything about YouTube. I know you can watch all kinds of videos.
  4. If you became aware of the video, what would you do?
    First, I would go to my friend and tell them why he/she put that on YouTube. Then, tell him/her to take it off YouTube. I’ll be very mad to find a video like that about me on a public site.
  5. Should someone be allowed to capture video of you without your knowledge? If you answer no, how could society police this action?
    No. If the video can hurt me or my family; I would want that person to suffer like my family and I have suffered. The police should make the person responsible for making the video; remove the video and pay me for suffering.  No one would want anyone to capture video about themselves without their consent.
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Work Ethics–Attendance

Attendance can affect your success at school or at work. Being absence too much can cost your employer money, show lack of motivation, and poor planning. Let you boss or instructor of any absences beforehand.
To improve my own attendance I plan to be in class early and on time. Missing one day to many may be the day you fail or not. Not being in class tells your teacher you don’t want to be their and don’t want to learn.

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Work Ethics–Productivity

Productivity means to use your time wisely, and do the most important things first. You should keep your work area clean and organized, keep your mind on the task that you are doing, and practice safety. Employees should work efficiency to ensure the company’s input and output.

To improve my productivity, I will keep my work area clean and organized, and do the best I can on my work. productivity is important in today’s jobs; most employers want their employees to have a clean working area. Employees and students that have good productivity are more likely to locate their work than someone who doesn’t have good productivity.

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Work-Related Injuries

The most common computer injuries are back, neck, shoulder, or arm pain at the end of your long working days. These are some of the common computer-related injuries caused by bad posture while using a computer and poor work station design. The casues of these injuries are not sitting in the correct position, beig on the computer for a long period of time, and not taking any breaks for the computer.

Suggestions for creating a safe working environment:

  • Use an adjustable desk designed for use with computers
  • Position the monitor so that it is either at eye level or slightly lower
  • Position your keyboard at a height that allows your elbows to rest comfortably at your side
  • Forearms should be roughly parallel with the floor and level with your keyboard
  • Adjust your chair so that your feet rest flat on the floor
  • Use a footstool if your feet do not rest on the floor
  • Switch to an ergonomic chair, which helps your spine to naturally hold its curve while sitting
  • Use an ergonomic keyboard to offer your hands and wrists a more natural holding position
  • Take frequent short breaks and go for a walk or perform stretching exercises at your desk or Stand often
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Work Ethics–Organization

Organization delas with one’s ability to organiza time and things to be more productive.  Most people dela with a lot of things at one time, which can create stress.  At work if you keep your work area organized, you will be able to work more efficiently.

To improve my organization skills, I will keep all of my work and papers from college in a folder by themselves. For my classes I keep all my work in different folder and notebooks. Keeping your work area organized, you can also find what your looking for later.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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