Work ethics-Communication

Communication is a good way to become successful in life. you should listen to what others have to say. us ethe correct words when speaking or writing and use appropriate verbal skills. communcation is important in school and at work, if you don’t talk to your boss or co-workers you may not get the correct information.

i’m the type of person that doesn’t like to talk to other people. to improve my communication, i’m going to talk to more people, and people i hardly know.


About angardner

I'm 20 years old. I go to Bainbridge College in Blakely, Ga.
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One Response to Work ethics-Communication

  1. debcurry says:

    Amber you so true communication can make you successful in life if you use it the correct way. I, myself don’t think that phone calls are always the correct way to handle business I think you should set up little luncheon meeting to discuss whatever needs to be discussed.

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