How is YouTube Changing Society?

  1. What is the likelihood you would know this video existed on YouTube? 
    I wouldn’t know if the video existed at all. Unless my friends to me about it.
  2. Should the motorist who filmed the accident be required to get your release before posting the video? Why or why not?
    Yes. I think the motorist should get my release. My friends wouldn’t like it if I put an embarrassing video on YouTube about them. If they were my real friends; they wouldn’t try to embarrass or hurt me.
  3. Does this scenario violate any guidelines provided by YouTube?
    Honesty, I don’t really know. I don’t know anything about YouTube. I know you can watch all kinds of videos.
  4. If you became aware of the video, what would you do?
    First, I would go to my friend and tell them why he/she put that on YouTube. Then, tell him/her to take it off YouTube. I’ll be very mad to find a video like that about me on a public site.
  5. Should someone be allowed to capture video of you without your knowledge? If you answer no, how could society police this action?
    No. If the video can hurt me or my family; I would want that person to suffer like my family and I have suffered. The police should make the person responsible for making the video; remove the video and pay me for suffering.  No one would want anyone to capture video about themselves without their consent.

About angardner

I'm 20 years old. I go to Bainbridge College in Blakely, Ga.
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